Saturday, 18 May 2013

5:07 pm at Coconut Joes Bar

Perched on the stool with my feet
hooked into the rounded footstep
eyes scanning quest
who suddenly appear
and I lock onto them in the cool Revo
shade of the liquored watering hole
displaying bleached fangs
at striking distance as
skweeking noisy groups
of twos and fours engage
in skittish gossip

I am base and knuckled and
primal – no affectation of
enlightenment, evolution, religion
or Gloria Steinem
technology ancient in
gelled hunt of perfect
savagery with a
denim cloaked tool
seeking prey
before closing time.

Tony Walton

(Reprinted with the permission of Burningword Literary Magazine and the author)

Tony M Walton

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