Sunday, 6 July 2014

Man in cap at beach bar, 12:45 pm, Sunday, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

This bar gets much busier on Sunday, so I took it earlier and got better composition with solitary figure, the sea, lemons/oranges, and liquor bottles - rather than a crowd.  This is shot in F8 aperture priority - it gives you the deeper depth of field.  You could push it to F11.

People drink more on Island.  Expatriates are away from their family and friends so they drink more.  I think it was always like that in the (British) colonies:)    There is also a certain 'easiness' of life here and even with the same trappings and responsibilities(work, bills) - there is a kind of light hedonism that infiltrates life.  You rarely see the kind of long gray faces you see sitting on highways and swaying in the Tube/Subways.  I found it difficult to get used to London: the unfriendliness in the tube - it's almost proud trademark.  I never got that - and I'm an Anglophile to the umpteenth degree.  But that said:  I'd live in England if it were an Island in the Caribbean.   So far Cayman and Bermuda(more Anglo than Cayman) is as close as it gets - and I like that.

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