Saturday, 1 November 2014

Night Scream

This night has nothing to be ashamed of,
and just staggered in this place at last call -
drunken and unshaven, a kind of fuckless orgasm
with no one to tuck it in bed.
This night has roamed across concrete,
faced neon beer signs in liquored mirrors
with hollowed eyes seeking reprieve in
thirsts and pleasures sought.
This night is curious.
This night is weak.
This night is drenched in vodka, diazepam -
forty miles from nowhere, wild and bewildered
in a ceaseless thrust.
This night aches.
But then we see this:
Two bodies galloping against each other under cool sheets,
a shudder, then a glow of silver on her thigh, drying.
A bond, however fragile. Until morning when it takes flight and then it's gone?
Oh, who the hell knows, but I do know this night will stay in bed.

Tony Walton is a Caribbean writer living in the Cayman Islands. His works have appeared in Storyteller Magazine, Moonkind Press, Whisperings Magazine, Mountain Tales Press, Out of Our Magazine, Poetry Bay Magazine, Burningword Magazine, Wilde Magazine, Nite Writers Literary International Literary Journal, Avalon Literary Review, Iceland Daily, East Lit Literary Magazine, Boston Poetry Magazine, Eunoia Magazine, Olentangy Review, Carnival Literary Magazine and Verity LA.
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  1. Hello Tony.

    I like your style. It makes my senses sizzle with delight-; sending images and thoughts that click rapidly like a movie. Excellent tone, imagery, and word choice.