Monday, 3 February 2014

I found it!

photo by tony walton (bluff, cayman brac)

I wrote this a LONG TIME Ago (required in junior high school literature)
and it has traveled from handwritten cursive (can you still write well in cursive?)
to Apple Macintosh to an IBM pc
to a Compac and now a Dell shuffling without complaint
or recognition from hard drive to hard drive
and floppy disk to cd to dvd and
moved with me through 3 countries across
2 oceans and now it rests here, old fashioned but not discarded.

Evening Sea

Searching the fathomless sea
with quiet eyes
after sun bows to the eve,
the moon sits high
gazing down in
soft glow content
on diamond caps,
Balletic waves dancing
gently to silent stars
then kissing timeless shores
rolling with immortal pleasure.

It is on this evening
the restless soul is pillowed
And my mind lies still.


  1. You have a gift, to have been able to pen these words at such a young age. Lovely...

  2. Love the poem and picture. Beautiful :)