Thursday, 6 February 2014

(This page of a diary was found in an vacated apartment titled: "Today I fit into my Skinny Jeans" - June 3)

Getting into my Skinny Jeans
(an anonymous poem)

I've had a few cocktails and I spot my old college jeans hung
in the corner of  the walk in closet(love it!) and as I'm a little tipsy but
12 llbs lighter than I was before Christmas (it's May now!),
I think oh - What the Hell, I'll see if they fit (I'll be crestfallen if they don't fit, you know that sinking feeling?), and..........
HOT DAMN -THEY FIT!-they're even a little baggy
around my ass
and my mind flashes back to
Shanahans bar and Kenny Vincent's Southside Club
and popular cheerleaders and fake id's and
puking in toilets and sneaking through things
and sneaking out of things and sneaking into things
and I try to think of  the last time I
wore these jeans, but I'm having a blonde moment.
OH I REMEMBER it was after after a sorority party and
I should remember, cuz
I got laid that night with a Basketball Cheerleader, she was
quite skinny.

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