Sunday, 27 July 2014

Howell's Shoe Shop, Grand Cayman 11:01 AM

This is Howell's Shoe Shop in Grand Cayman.  It's a very old traditional shoe shop that's likely the last of it's kind - so here it is.

Guard House, Grand Cayman, George Town, Sunday 9:56 am

This is the Guard House extensively restored in George Town, Grand Cayman.  It was used primarily as a lookout for German submarines during the Second World War. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Visitors by Tony Walton along with That Girl on T.V. at 1:04 AM

Visitors (Tony Walton)

Posted on July 12, 2014 by  in Heightened Talk
TV kicks

They come for you-
in old fashioned hats,
from where you don’t know,
to fuck you hard against every wall
you’ve built up.

They know how to pick all your locks,
break through your firewall,
blocking all exits.

Out of mirrors in small rooms with
flickering televisions they stare into your
flatness outlined in twisted sheets.

You give them food and wine,
trying to appease them.
You smoke with them, but they never mellow.
They’re like gods of a certain kind and
know all your devices.

Imagine what they’ve cost you in
Priests, lovers, advisers?

They’ll come for you and
they never stop coming
until you die, or
they die in you.
But, maybe there’s
something else wrong,

Copyright VERITY L.A. Australia

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Man in cap at beach bar, 12:45 pm, Sunday, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

This bar gets much busier on Sunday, so I took it earlier and got better composition with solitary figure, the sea, lemons/oranges, and liquor bottles - rather than a crowd.  This is shot in F8 aperture priority - it gives you the deeper depth of field.  You could push it to F11.

People drink more on Island.  Expatriates are away from their family and friends so they drink more.  I think it was always like that in the (British) colonies:)    There is also a certain 'easiness' of life here and even with the same trappings and responsibilities(work, bills) - there is a kind of light hedonism that infiltrates life.  You rarely see the kind of long gray faces you see sitting on highways and swaying in the Tube/Subways.  I found it difficult to get used to London: the unfriendliness in the tube - it's almost proud trademark.  I never got that - and I'm an Anglophile to the umpteenth degree.  But that said:  I'd live in England if it were an Island in the Caribbean.   So far Cayman and Bermuda(more Anglo than Cayman) is as close as it gets - and I like that.

A big boat alongside a little fishing boat Grand Cayman 10:33 am Sunday Morning

Funny enough: the fisherman to the right did not want his photo taken (presumably he was fishing(?), but he calmed down (gave up) and I took the photo.  The day started out cloudless but by mid-morning we have a few clouds.