Tuesday, 28 July 2015

a pier in grand cayman cayman islands, north sound, beach caribbean vacation photography hdr

Ok, this is, very likely, one of the last piers I have not photographed in Grand Cayman.  The composition is a little different in that there is a tree on the right side.  I shot this in f8, 9 frames ranging from -4 to +4, fairly typical for landscape.  I'm more interested, at the moment in street photography (and my photographic interests change) of the most candid variety.  But I'm a bit limited in this respect, here, in the Cayman Islands - but I do see opportunities (mostly abroad) and I take them.  If you look far in the distance, slightly to the viewers left of the top of the pier:  that's Rum Point, as kind of weekend getaway place.  Tourists and locals go, maybe more of the former than the latter nowadays.