Saturday, 15 August 2015

a beautiful girl watching the sunset in grand cayman, cayman islands at 6:09 pm, the golden hour, very pretty

Another shot at the golden hour.  This time of the day will always make your photos come out gorgeous and if you look it's just the soft cool calm light spread out against the evening sky. )

Friday, 14 August 2015

yellow apartments at the golden hour around 6:01 PM in grand cayman cayman islands near seven mile beach with a nice sky and clouds

This is taken during the golden hour around sunset.  The sun is shining across the land and although straight across - it's lighter and cooler than the top of the day (in which case this photos would be too harshly lit, that top light beaming straight down).  The colours work:  blues, greens, whites, grey, yellow- and the two trees give it an interesting composition. Just wanted to take a very ordinary view and give it a bit of justice - a kind of democratic photography.